Who We Are

Leadership and Board Members

RHINO is managed through a Secretariat, hosted at JSI, and by a Board of Directors made up of technical experts from around the world.

Regional RHINOs

In a bold move and with the support of the MEASURE Evaluation Phase IV technical team, RHINO, as a Global RHIS Advocacy and Knowledge Management (KM) Network will be decentralized into regional networks.

For RHIS advocacy and KM to become more efficient, regions and countries need to take more ownership to contextualize the RHIS state of the art practices, advocacy and KM. For example, the regional networks can use the language most common in the region, as well as adapt RHIS strengthening interventions to the regional or local health system environment.

In order to move forward, MEASURE Evaluation organized a technical meeting on Routine Health Information Systems (RHIS) in New Delhi on February 21, 2015. Invited to this meeting were the nine regional capacity building partners of MEASURE which are organized into the GEMNet-Health Network.

All regional partners committed to expand teaching in their institutions to include RHIS design and implementation and to set up a RHIS advocacy and KM network in their region, based on existing models such as RELACSIS in Latin America, and the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) for South East Asia. The GEMNet-Health Network will create a Technical Working Group of RHIS strengthening to guide partners in implementing these regional networks over the next five years

More updates on opportunities to connect with Regional RHINOs will be shared in 2016.