HIS Design/Standards

As innovation in RHIS strengthening continues, experts are collaborating to develop global standards and document best practices. These guidelines can support new and ongoing efforts to strengthen country RHIS.

RHIS Data Management Standards

In 2012, MEASURE Evaluation led an experts’ workshop in South Africa to identify standards and best practices in RHIS data management. The workshop focused on strengthening RHIS data management generally, and more specifically, provided guidance for the development of improvement plans following a performance assessment.  Data management has been identified as one of the weakest areas of RHIS globally.

​The output of the South Africa meeting was synthesized into guidelines of RHIS data management standards.  These standards and guidelines were validated in two countries, Nigeria (2013) and Bangladesh (2014).

As part of MEASURE Evaluation Phase IV, the team will work to operationalize the RHIS data management standards through incorporating them into existing tools and methods, such as PRISM, and developing new tools to measure adherence to standards.

The standards document is available on the MEASURE Evaluation website located here.