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Gerard Bisama

Hi everyone sorry for coming late to this discussion, the main difference between iHRIS and HR and payroll system used by government is that iHRIS is used for managing specific HR information of health worker like cadre, specialization, in-service training that could help the MoH to build effective policy and planning to enhance Health. Problem related to the ratio of health worker by category in a population, the retention of health worker in rural area, the promotion of certain medical curriculum (Medical specialization), gender discrimination in certain Medical professional categories and training need assessment, track of other health worker in private and faith-based facilities could only be solved with a proper HRIS for Health . Meanwhile, the HR and Payroll system are used to know the number of health worker, their salary grade and the number of year that will help them to calculate the salary and track payment. However some payroll systems contain advanced analytical tools for salary and finance that iHRIS do not have. In this case we can share information between these two systems remains the key features to build an integrated Heatlh IT architecture. But one major problem is that in Most African Countries the payroll system are not open source software that make then difficult to configure for sharing information with others systems. With payroll proprietary software with no interface to share information, what can be done in my point of view is to have access to the database and develop tools to export information in CSV or XML and share them with iHRIS.