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I am Dr Mursalin from Pakistan and has been National Coordinator , Health Information Systems with Ministry of Health Pakistan. I belief this is not an easy challenge to resolve. As there are multiple funding agencies and programs – specially in developing countries which are bound to establish their own information systems, in addition to National Health Infromation System. This is is continue till the continuation of different funding streams and mechanisms.

I would make following few recommendations to address this issue.

1. We should have good leadership at the central level to steer the process of health information systems development and implementation.
2. There should be a National Steering /Technical Committee- meeting regularly to discuss and find ways to address this issue.

3. Information Systems Development efforts should be made through participatory development process- while seeking partnerships from all possible stakeholders and program managers.
4. Solution to fragmentation of HISs be found through standardization of technology use/common platforms
5.. Integration of data be considered starting from the peripheral facilities and District Health Office level.

Thanks and regards

Dr. Mursalin Pakistan