Reply To: Scaling up Interoperability


Definitely agree with Sam. That is the ideal approach to be followed but some times due to some political reasons or Health Ministries structural reasons the HIS architectural approach becomes difficult to maintain that is why we adopted Data Warehousing in our country for fragmented information systems which are out of our control. This Data Warehousing is one of types of information systems which are categorized based on Distributed Databases Criteria as follows:

1. Monolithic Information system : Fully integrated
2. Distributed Information System: Fully interoperable
3. Cooperative Information System and P2P Information System: Goes to Data Warehouse.

We in our country have three types of information systems such as {Distributed, Cooperative and P2P } that is why we adopted Data Warehousing.

Dr.Lutfullah Shifaa
MIS Manager
HMIS department