Reply To: Enterprise Architecture

Romain Tohouri

We all agree here that EA is something needed to guide our HIS Strengthening activities. We need a Plan or Blueprint (David Boone) to guide our action but the existing framework TOGAF, DoDAF, GEA and alike are well developed but somehow not easy adapt to the HIS context. HIS as many subsystems with so many internal workflow making it difficult to be fully pictured in a single EA, therefore having “High level EA and specific EA for the different building blocks (Chris Wright) can be one approach to solve the problem. I think that following the work started by Sally and all [1] our focus should be on customizing or adapting existing EA frameworks to make them easy to understand and apply to Health Information System Strengthening domaine. Simplification is key to democratize the process and make it a tool at the disposal of all stakeholders to use it under the leadership of government to plan their HIS strengthening interventions as said earlier by Pepela Wanjala.

[1]Sally Stansfield, MD, Nosa Orobaton, MD, DrPH, MBA, David Lubinski, MA, MBA, Steven Uggowitzer, B.Eng. Elec., and Henry Mwanyika, MS, “Case for a National Health Information System Architecture; a Missing Link to Guiding National Development and Implementation,” 2008.