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Aimee Silva

I’d add another challenge around the move towards web-based systems, and would love to hear from others’ experiences.

A tool like Excel is one of the standard pieces of software on most laptops, and developing different data management, analysis, and visualization tools using the program is feasible without barriers to use like having to learn code (to build a web based viz platform or use a tool like high charts) or cost (purchasing a dedicated data visualization program like Tableau).

There are many advantages to web-based systems where web access is available, particularly for real time data updates where new information is constantly coming into the system and in use cases (as we have in RHIS) where the data volume is massive and requires a more sophisticated data structure than Excel can manage.

With accessing these systems, I’d be curious what different countries’ open government policies state about making aggregate data available down to a district level. I would expect that would have some impact on how public facing or password protected those tools are.

Any experiences out there from different countries on how this works in action?