Reply To: Frequency


In my working place Kano State Ministry of Health-Nigeria, we use to review the data quality monthly. We have HMIS system that we collect, manage and report routine data from facilities to Federal level. Every end of the month we gather as a team called ‘control room’. The team charged with reviewing data from all programmes(TB, HIV, Malaria, maternal health, immunisation etc..). The method we employ is we designed a validation rules for the sets of metrics or indicators to be able to validate. We review all the indicators based on the validation rules. If there is any challenge with the data, we immediately call the M&E focal for the facilities and inform him for him to be able to look at the issue, correct it and resend the corrected data. The meeting take 3 days doing reviewing and validation. At the end of the reviewing meeting report would be draft and send the relevant stakeholders as feedback. The forum still serve as capacity building for the members where topic in relation to the data management were tought.