Reply To: Health facility data verification

Robert Pond

The role of mobile data collection and of CSPro during surveys deserves to be discussed further. While providing technical support for a recent DQR survey in Liberia, I found that fine tuning of the CSPro and the devices required many hours of my time – I worried that this sometimes complicated my efforts to focus on other training and quality assurance issues. The Liberia M&E folks suggested that we instead try using Magpi for data collection.

I have used Magpi for a series of Red Cross household surveys and have been impressed at how quickly the questionnaires can be set up and how user friendly the Magpi website is – including a Google map showing the location of each data collection point. Of course nothing beats the complex logic that CSPro is capable of. However, for a fairly simple DQR survey, perhaps something simpler would suffice.

If CSPro is to be used, then further capacity building is required to expand the group of consultants capable of supporting it. Or perhaps closer linkage is required with the National Statistical Offices which often have lots of experience with CSPro.