Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Managing the people who work within a health system is key to successfully ensuring staff are in the appropriate place, receive the appropriate training, are compensated on time, and are well managed.

A human resource information system (HRIS) includes both the technology products that enable country governments and companies to manage their staff and the people, policies, procedures, and data necessary to make that management possible. These systems provide relevant, timely data that can be used to make human resource related decisions.

Open Source Tools

Across countries, there has been wide adoption of the iHRIS platform, an open source platform for human resource management. Because the product is open source, local developers can customize the suite of tools to fit local needs. The current suite of tools includes:

  • iHRIS Qualify tracks health worker training, certification, and licensure.
  • iHRIS Manage maintains personnel deployment, performance, and attrition information.
  • iHRIS Plan models long-term health workforce needs.

Assessment Tools

iHRIS has designed a set of assessment tools, including questoinnaires for baseline and follow up assessments, that are freely available. You can download them from iHRIS.