2016 OpenMRS Implementer’s Conference in Kampala, Uganda from December 6-11

desktop_8e40fe134f96f7a3OpenMRS is an open-source electronic medical record system developed by a global community in order to improve healthcare access and delivery in resource-constrained environments.

The goals of this conference are:
1. To demonstrate how Uganda is using a multi-partner and multi-funded approach to develop, implement, and support a national implementation of OpenMRS.

2. To expand the OpenMRS community practices to support quality assurance processes (i.e. release testing, stakeholder acceptance testing, module gardening team, etc.)

3. To identify the ways to measure a “successful high quality implementation” of OpenMRS and why it is important to go beyond just software development features and bug fixes.

4. To understand ways in which OpenMRS outputs can be used to positively impact the quality of clinical care and the quality of programs that support care.

Tickets are available here, and feel free to reach out to the_rhino@jsi.com if you have any questions!