Dec 6th Webinar: A Health Information Systems Learning Agenda

Join MEASURE Evaluation for a one-hour webinar focused on our Health Information System Learning Agenda. The webinar will take place December 6, 2018, at 9am EST and will be led by MEASURE Evaluation’s Emily Bobrow, Heidi Reynolds, Eva Silvestre, Ashley Strahley, and Liz Millar.

Strong health information systems (HIS) are the backbone of a strong health system, yet interventions to strengthen HIS have not previously been a topic for rigorous evaluation. Since 2013, MEASURE Evaluation has worked on HIS strengthening with more than 20 countries, providing ample opportunity to learn from our work. In Phase IV of our project, we set out to answer three questions around HIS strengthening:

During this webinar, we will discuss the answers to these questions and how we have systematically documented successes and lessons learned from USAID-supported investments in HIS strengthening.  We will discuss our work to inform the answers to these questions, including the HIS Strengthening Model, as well as the repository which houses evidence for HIS strengthening, our HIS Strengthening Resource Center.

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