Data quality improvement plans

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      Aimee Silva

      Development of a “DQIP” is expected to be the key outcome of data quality review. Describe any example of how data quality review helped or did not help with efforts to strengthen data quality.

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      David Boone

      One thing we have noticed in 10+ years doing data quality assessments is that identifying data quality problems is not sufficient to improve data quality. The work of improving data quality can be tedious and expensive, and as a result data quality improvement plans are sometimes not implemented. In the DQR we have tried to link the process with health sector planning so that identified problems can be discussed in planning events, and solutions can be budgeted for when resources are allocated. This step is critical for the success of the plan, since without funding and a responsible unit/organization, the plan will likely not be implemented. (see below a graphic that shows how the DQR can fit into the health sector planning cycle.) Anyone else have experience trying to get a data quality improvement plan adopted and funded in their country?


      Health sector planning cycle with DQR

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