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      Hi everyone, I wanted to kick off a new discussion thread! Human Resources for Health (HRH) data is important in making decisions about recruitment, training and distribution of health workforce. What do you see as the role in HRH data in overall health systems strengthening beyond just HRH decision making?

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      Amusaa Inambao

      HR data will e useful in determining contribution of staff to on going interventions. Although HR is a large cost on programs its %age contribution is quite often not factored adequately in calculating cost effectiveness. HR should be part and parcel of monitoring of performance of programs.

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      Amusaa, that is an excellent point. Have you done any work in cost effectiveness of health workers? I know through iHRIS Train, one of the goals is to ensure routine data collecting of in-service training of health workers so that program implementers and governments can ensure the health workers have the necessary skills to perform duties. Many times new guidance emerges and health workers need training or they did receive all of the training on certain skills during their formal pre-service training. A well-trained health worker is certainly more efficient and cost effective than those lacking skills. I very much like this theme of health worker contribution and cost effectiveness.

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