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      Aimee Silva

      Join us here on our Forum page from May 10 – 19, 2016 for an engaging discussion on the Health Worker Information System using iHRIS – IntraHealth’s open source software application, which has been deployed in over 20 countries.

      During this forum you’ll learn about the benefits of iHRIS and how deployment of the system is helping Ministries of Health learn about their health workforce and use iHRIS data to make informed decisions regarding health worker recruitment, training and distribution.

      Why is data on health workers important?
      Health workers are the backbone of any health system and are essential to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. Yet most developing country health systems have little or no data on their health workforce numbers, skills, or location, and therefore have little ability to understand and address health workforce challenges. If basic information on health worker numbers, constituency, and deployment exists, it is often spread across a large number of paper files among a number of different organizations, making the information difficult, if not impossible, to aggregate and analyze.

      Going from paper to electronic records allows you to perform basic analysis on a single system. Linking multiple health workforce information systems together, through a Health Worker Registry (HWR), allows you to really understand the health workforce in real-time:
      • Does the health worker you want to task shift to have the proper training?
      • Is the health worker properly qualified?

      The next step is to make the HWR, and the various underlying sources of health worker information, interoperable within the larger routine health information system.

      The forum will be moderated by Amanda Puckett BenDor and Carl Leitner from IntraHealth. They will launch the Forum with a webinar at 9 am EDT on Tuesday, May 10 to provide an overview of the topic. Anyone interested in this topic is welcome to participate!

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      Looking forward to this great topic discussion!

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      Emily Moonze

      This is a great topic. Key to today’s challenges in most developing countries in relation to Human resources especialy for health

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      Gift Mfugale

      It’s the first day, it’s been really good discussion, looking forward for the coming days.

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      Thank you everyone for the really great questions during the webinar today. I look forward to the online discussion in the coming week!

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