International Conference on Big Data for Health Report

International Conference on Big Data for Health Report

Contributed by Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibria, MEASURE Evaluation

On February 11-12, 2019 Access to Information (a2i), the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, UNICEF, ICDDR,B, MEASURE Evaluation, and Bloomberg Data for Health (D4H) Initiative jointly organized a conference, “International Conference on Big Data for Health” in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The two-day event addressed three themes: (1) international experiences with Big Data applications that improved Health outcomes; (2) existing and potential Big Data sources for health-related applications in Bangladesh; (3) strategies for building capacity to develop health-related Big Data applications. Intending to develop a road map to assist Bangladesh’s health community to leverage big data sources and techniques to create policies and programs that improve the health of its citizens, the conference advanced the following objectives:

  • identified promising big data applications that could significantly advance health outcomes for the people of Bangladesh.
  • developed a “road map” of high-priority actions needed to create an environment in Bangladesh that will support long-term, wide-ranging use of Big Data to address Health challenges.

A full conference report can be found in below link:

ConferenceReport_Big Data for Health