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      Carl Leitner

      Hi Samuel,
      Sorry for the late response to this (I didn’t get an email alert, so am just seeing this now).

      I agree that there is a challenge in that we won’t find many implementations of HR-XML and likely would need to be added. You can do this directly on the payroll systems themselves, or use an open-source tool like iReports to connect to the backend database and produce the needed HR-XML.


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      Carl Leitner

      One way to make the the integration less is to look for standards based data exchange. There are a couple of sets of standards that are relevant here.

      The first is for the sharing of health worker data from the HRH viewpoint. For this, we have things like the Care Services Discovery (CSD) standard:
      that is the basis of the OpenHIE Health Worker Registry – a centralized registry of health workers. There are also other standards like HL7 FHIR:
      that can be used to represent that data.

      For more traditional HR/Payroll functions, there are standards such as HR XML:
      which can capture salary, time and attendance, etc.
      If you combine this with the CSD standard, you will a very stable and powerful way to exchange health worker data.

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      Carl Leitner

      There are two types of ways we can link service statistics.

      One is to look at public health indicators/aggregate service delivery indicators reported at the facility level. We would then cross-reference (via the facility) against an HRH indicator, such as the # of HWs by cadre (for that facility).

      The second main way is to look at clinical information systems such as a facility based Electronic Medical Record system, or a longitudinal/shared health record (such as in the OpenHIE architecture). Typically here, the health practitioner that performed the service is recorded in the clinical transaction.

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