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      I fully agree with Michael Edwards that first we need a Master Facility List (MFL) in country with HF Unique Identifier .

      In Mozambique we don’t have a MFL but we are working with all simple HF List and our systems are not connected. So what we are using Business Intelligence tools and collect service and production information for other sources like HIV or MNH and to load it to a HRH datawarehouse. After that we cross analyse HRH info with other HF information.

      We had some good results, like:
      – which HF have HIV service but don’t have Trained HRH in TARV
      – a relation of HIV population with HIV Trainned HRH
      – which HF don’t have a minimum team
      – Which HF with laboratory don’t have laboratory technician

      The HRH information is automatized and monthly updated but service or production information is not regularly updated and it takes efforts in linking information till HF level because it have different identifier.

      I have a question: Is there any examples in success implementation of a MFL?

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