Opportunity: Global Fund RFP open to update M&E TA pool

Global Fund RFP to update M&E TA pool is now published and available by this link. The RFP ID is TGF-19-036. It is open until August 20, 2019.

In this RFP, GF focused on extending our M&E TA pool to French, Spanish, Portuguese -speaking consultants for HIV and TB; as well as on extending the technical area ‘Support for strengthening health information systems, health information systems assessments, monitoring and improvement of data quality’, and on identifying consultants with the mix of IT and Public Health expertise.

Those individuals who are already in the GF M&E TA pool do not need to reapply.  This RFP is for individuals only, not organizations.  Applicants should plan ahead and apply early.  Access to the online application system must be requested (see RFP for details) and can take several days.  Applications received even one minute after the deadline specified in the RFP cannot be accepted.  Any questions on this RFP must be directed as per the instructions in the RFP.