RHINO Forum: How can RHIS improve the delivery of HIV/AIDS services

RHINO Online Forum: How can RHIS improve the deliver of HIV/AIDS services. October 13 - 21, 2015.

Why this topic is important?

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS care requires the progression of clients across a series services that can include prevention, HIV testing and counseling, care and treatment, ANC, family planning, TB, home based care, to name a few. Creating strong linkages across services, through integration or efficient referral systems, for example, will help clients access the full continuum of care. A renewed emphasis on linkages requires a better integration of data and information systems across multiple services and across programs (HIV, MCH, TB) to track the flow of clients and assess how well the health system is responding to their needs.

What we will discuss

We want to hear from you what projects and health systems are doing to monitor linkages across HIV-related services. We will examine what indicators can help examine how well services are linked; what type of data (aggregate or individual level data) are best; and how data on linkages is being (or can be) used to improve client access to the full continuum of care.

We will also discuss how can RHIS support continuity of care to HIV/AIDS patients, and the opportunities and challenges of integrating HIV/AIDS data into the broader RHIS.


RHINO Forum – How can RHIS improve the delivery of HIV/AIDS services
October 13-21, 2015

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