High Performing Healthcare System Tool

USAID has developed High Performing Health Care System framework and analytical tool to understand, “to what extent is the healthcare system accountable, accessible, affordable and reliable (AAAR) ?” This can be found here.

The tool assesses perceptions about these four intermediate outcomes – Accountable, Accessible, Affordable and Reliable (AAAR) – of health care systems.

USAID’s efforts to test the reliability and validity of the tool in many countries were curtailed due to COVID-19. Therefore, USAID would like to use this network to reach out to as many people as possible and hope that all of you will help out by responding to this request and by using your knowledge of the health system in your country to fill out the tool linked below.

USAID look forward to your cooperation and assistance in filling this tool by Friday July 10, 2020.

The survey is voluntary to help us advance the measurement of health care AAAR domains. The instructions to respond are inbuilt in the tool. It will take 50-75 minutes of your time. You can find the link to access the tool here.